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For those women who like to be seen!

Evok Be Seen

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Cruelty Free
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Long Lasting

Evok Be Seen

Long lasting winged eyeliner stamp-waterproof and smudgeproof liquid eyeliner eye makeup , eyeliner vamp stamp-2 in 1 dual end pen(9mm classic wing eye liner stamp wingliner,midnight black)

Get perfect,sexy eyes every time with the EVOKcat eyeliner stamp.save time and draw offortless symmetrical wings that stand out.simply stamp on your wings,créate the percfect flick and youre done! Make EVOK eyeliner wings stamp the best parto f your makeup routine!.

Our perfect wing eyeliner stamp delivers smudge-proof, long-lasting wings ,guaranteed.our winged eyeliner stamp tool has a unique formula that stays all day without fading, running or craking. Your wings Will geta ll the looks!

Our portable size ,easy to carry waterproof eyeliner pen allows you to créate a perfect quick wing for both eyes.EVOK has created an intense black pigmented formula to créate that cleopatra look in seconds!.

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Life saver, my eye wings look even and perfect! Thanks.

Ivy - Oklahoma

Oh hello sexy eyes, I have used wing eyeliners before but this one is the best, the pigment is very black and the pen just glides not issue, it also stays even in the hot weather. Love it!

Elodie - Los Angeles

Why didn’t I know about this product before, this is very easy to use and stays on all night even though the sweat. I struggle for so long to get the perfect wing and I did it in 5 seconds with Evok Wing Eyeliner. I recommend this!

Kate - Connecticut

I was excited to receive Evok Wing Eyeliner, the quality is better than I expected and it doesn’t smudge. It took me two tries to get my eyes even but they look amazing, love this!

Nathaly - Denver

I can’t get enough of this

Megan - chicago

I tried for ages to get the perfect cat eyes but always made a mess of myself, I can’t believe how easy is to use Evok’s Wing Eyeliner, my eyes look superb sexy!

Holly - NYC

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